Having to click buttons twice on mobile site

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On mobile, sometimes I have to click "buy it now" twice before it registers me clicking it with finger, this is something to do with the hover css.

Does anyone know how to disable this feature so I just require a single click?


Many thanks!

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Hey there @WithLuke,

Did you make any changes to theme.js file? I can't check the event checker disruption from here but I guess it wouldn't be this way on fresh theme.

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No, not to my knowledge, I just checked and nothing added at the bottom of it.


This sounds like something similar?  

The solution proposed is this:


@media (max-width: 920px)    {
      .hide { display:none !important; }


I tried this, it didn't do anything adding it to my theme css file?

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I’m having this same issue on mobile devices www.errorlife.com customer are telling me that one everywhere on the site does not work any ideas

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Hello, I'm having the same problem and believe it is the hover effect causing it. Did you ever find a solution?