Header WAY too big

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On pages that I have created myself


the header is way too big


Contact us, mini gift set, but the actual shopify pages, blog and the collection pages the heading is much smaller how can i get them to match.



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Hello @ambientcandle19 

This is Amelia at PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder app.


You can try the following steps I have provided to help you solve the problem you are facing:

Step 1: Online Stores > Themes > Edit code

Step 2: Choose file base.css

Step 3: Add code 

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 {
  font-size: 28px !important; /* You can change the value of 28px to the value you want */


Hoping my solution helps you solve your problem.

Best regards,

Amelia | PageFly

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