HELP - Adding line item properties to Cart using Shopify.addItem

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I'm trying to add product metafield properties to line items in my cart but am unable to figure out how to pass that value.

What i've tried to do is to include the metafield properties as hidden input:

<input type="hidden" name="properties[goodFor]" value="{{ product.metafields.storageTips.goodFor }}"> 
<input type="hidden" name="properties[where]" value="{{ product.metafields.storageTips.where }}">

Then have the products added to cart (it's current in the Collections page) using a link:
<a onclick="Shopify.addItem({{ }}, $('#{{}}-quantity').val()); return false" href="#" class="btn product-form__btn {{ }}-add">

But i've found that they don't get passed into the cart (probably because the link above doesn't include code to pass those metafield data on). My question is how I should tweak my code to have it added?


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Hey YH Chang,

It's always best to add this info when posting in the design threads:

  • a link to the store
  • a link a page that shows the issue
  • a note of the theme in use. Each theme is different (and may be customised) so the code will also differ.

Looking at this:

<a onclick="Shopify.addItem({{ }}, $('#{{}}-quantity').val()); return false" href="#" class="btn product-form__btn {{ }}-add">

It looks like there is JavaScript being triggered when that link is clicked. It would be a fair assumption that the function being run doesn't use the metafield / line item properties data. You can see it's only sending the id and the quantity:

{{ }}, $('#{{}}-quantity')

I'd expect changes to the theme code would be needed here.

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Were you ever able to get this working?