Help, Adoring 1.0 theme by Shopilaunch does not show promo top bar in mobile view

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Hi I am using Adoring 1.0 theme by Shopilaunch. When i enable show promo top bar, it perfectly shows the top bar text in desktop view (both in editor & customer end) but when i select mobile view it does not show (both in editor & customer end). I tried codes from all over internet some are just showing it in theme editor mode and not in actual customer end. Please someone help ASAP. Thanks in advance. My website is

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FYI: Please note that there is sticky top menu enabled in mobile view. but I don't know if this is affecting promotop bar in any way 

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Hi @ekdb 

Please add this code to your theme.liquid file, after <head> to make that display on mobile

@media (max-width: 749px) {
.contentbody .promo_topbar { display: block !important; }
.contentbody .promo_topbar .btn_promo {
display: inline-flex;
margin-bottom: 12px;

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