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We need to modify the default message to the custom message in I18n. I have to change the message through the Shopify admin. here is an example:

Default Message: " you can't add more {{name}} to the cart".

Custom Message: "Sorry, We do not have enough stock on hand for the quantity you select. Available Stock : {{count}} "


there is display the error message I18n Error: Missing interpolation value "count" for "Sorry, We do not have enough stock on hand for the quantity you select. Available Stock : {{ count }}"

Thanks in advance

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Hi @David281 


You could change the wording of this field by editing your theme languages:

  • From Online Store > Theme > Actions > Edit Languages.
  • Input the text such as "you can't add more" into the search field and you will be presented with the text box where you can remove or add the new content.


I hope this helps you.


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If your seeing this message on the frontend and your modifying the locale translations you also need to modify the theme code to pass the item count aka {{ count }} to the locale key using the "| t: " translation filter.

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