HELP Custom Boundle Mix & Match Product Linked idek what is it called

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I wanted to add a feature in my product page where clients can choose 2 or 3 products, with every selection having a bunch of products to choose from.
After choosing the product the client will need to be able to choose the relative size and the relative color for both. And the right respective variants must be shown for each product, as T-shirts may be in size S M and color Blue Green, while Hoodies are in L XL and color Blue Red.

I literally couldn't find anything similar to this, no app no tutorials, nothing, zero.

Please if someone could help me it would really make my year, and I'm just a student trying to do a sideproject so I won't hire fraud developers that will ask $5k.

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It may be a product option app or a custom build by a developer. You can check the browser inspector to get a hint

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Hi @Nurofen,

You can consider using the Easify Product Options app as a solution. I've prepared a live demo tailored to your store. Take a moment to review it.

If the demo aligns with your requirements, great! If there are any unmet needs or adjustments required, just let me know, and I'll make the necessary modifications.

If the app meet your expectations, I'll guide you through the step-by-step setup process 😊.




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