Help customizing the product image that shows on hover

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Hi, wondering if someone can help me customize the second image that shows when you hover over a product. My theme doesn't have any options to select this; it just uses the second product image. I'd rather use a completely different image from a metadata field, one that doesn't appear on the product page at all. 


I assume this is possible; just not sure how to code it. Any advice?


Link to site: If you hover over a product on the homepage you'll see it just pulls up the second product image. Thank you in advance!

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Hi there @LindStuart 


there is a setting to show secondary image

Go to Online Stores> Themes> Customize


Click on the gear on the left side and find the settings for product grid you will see setting to enable "Show additional images"



If you are unable to implement the same then I'm happy to do this for you, let me know. I can implement the code changes so that this will work well for you.


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Thanks! I know how to add the picture on hover but I'm trying to customize the picture it shows.

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Hello @LindStuart 


Welcome to Shopify Community.


Yes, you can link a metafield image to show on hover instead of the second image. 


Create a product metafield of File type with Image only option. Copy the code and find the code for the second image shown on hover and replace the copied code. 

If you are not good with the code, then I would  recommend you to seek help of a developer at a reasonable cost to setup this.


Let me know if I can be helpful in anyways.



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thank you!!