HELP driving myself mad as i can't get my Collections on a collection page, please help

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Hi all,

really hope someone can help me as i've spent hours trying, searching and trying people's codes and many tears trying to figure this out.

I offer a variety of products that are similar but different.

For example, here. I sell pigments, i have listed on my menu under shop, PIGMENTS - Multichrome Pigments, Duochrome Pigments etc etc

Rather than having these Pigment types on these separate pages accessed from the menu, I am wanting to be able to click on pigments in the main menu, and it take me to a page, rather than a drop down menu, where each type of pigment collection (ie. Multichrome, duochrome) is shown in gallery collections like on the homepage. So then a customer would click on the gallery image Multichrome for example which will then take them to another page where all the multichrome pigments are listed for sale.


I do hope I make sense.


Here is a link to my website,


Thank you in advance



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