Help me crop the main banner

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Please help me crop the image on the bottom, I have attached a screenshot of where I like the crop to finish. I have tried with CSS but I cant figure It out.




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Only for desktop please

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Hi @MT27 ,

It seems the problem you are having is that the banner image on your page is displaying at an unhealthy ratio. You can edit the CSS so that your banner displays as follows:

view - 2024-01-24T174516.492.png

You can take the following steps to fix the code:

Step 1: Select Online store and select Edit code:

view - 2024-01-24T174559.275.png

Step 2: In the code editing interface, search for file: base.css

Step 3: Open the file and scroll to the bottom of the file, then add the following code:


@media screen and (min-width: 768px) img {

object-fit: cover !important;

​object-position: center center !important;



Step 4: Save the file changes and test the new look of your row.

Hope it helps @MT27 

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