HELP Please! new website, need help with coding for banner size in mobile view - DAWN template

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Hi everyone,


I am trying to centre the main banner (mage below on my homepage for mobile view but it's cut off when actually viewing on a mobile phone (not on desktop mobile view) as well as adjusting the width and height of the Shop All button to fit the words more so possibly 10% smaller.

The banner isn't cut off on mobile view on my mobile as I have a large screen but on my iPhone it is cut off so I was wondering if there was a way for it to adapt.


The products are also unaligned where some are longer than others so I'm not sure if there's a code to force them to be all the same heights and lengths without manually cropping.


Also is there a way to remove the underlines when someone clicks on the drop down categories? in my preview it keeps the words underlined after scrolling past it with the mouse.

thank you! x Michelle


Photos below:




on mobile looks like the below



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Can you provide your store url

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As you can see from the screenshot the button on the banner is overlapping the words and I also wanted it to be moved down more on mobile screen whereas on desktop it is fine

On the iPhone the banner is cut off too 😞

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password is: Cats