help! products in collection have no border

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for some reason my collections are putting some of my products together, with no spacing?

not sure why this is, there should be even spacing pf the products like the rest of the page... 
**please note, you need to load more products, and scroll down, i believe its on the third page

heres an example of the glitch on the left side

pass: sarahhoodjewelry


Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 11.50.24 AM.png

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It looks like the items from Featured Collection are clashing with the infinite scroll. Might be a hard fix to put in place


Any way you can have the theme developers take a look?

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Hi @Chantelrudden ,

The error occurs due to the following code in the styles.css file

view - 2024-01-30T185332.985.pngview - 2024-01-30T185343.614.png

To fix it, follow these steps:

view - 2024-01-30T185430.677.png

Then find the styles.css file:

Find line 1193: Delete the following code:

.equal-columns--outside-trim .one-third:nth-of-type(3n), .equal-columns--outside-trim .one-fourth:nth-of-type(4n),

view - 2024-01-30T185453.767.png

Find line 1204: Delete the following code:

.equal-columns--outside-trim .one-third:nth-of-type(3n+1), .equal-columns--outside-trim .one-fourth:nth-of-type(4n+1),

view - 2024-01-30T185518.555.png

Then press "Save" to save. The above code makes the distance between products = 0 so they will be close together, leading to errors.

Hope it helps @Chantelrudden 



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so i inititally did this, but it brings the products to 3 instead of 4, and then some products arent the same size