Help to display a square meter price and pack price on product cards

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I have set up  a shopify store selling flooring products (carpet tiles, vinyl tiles, sheet vinyls etc).


As flooring products are generally priced by the square meter I am wanting to display this information on the product cards. However, the square meter price is not the selling price of the items as they are sold in full packs of varying quantity's (e.g.. 5sqm, 2.44sqm, 3.25sqm) so the selling price is the price of a full box.



The square meter price of some carpet tiles is £13.79sqm with a box size of 5sqm bringing the total price to £68.95 per box.


I have added the square meter price to each individual product card within the description but this was a very laborious task and now I am needing to change the prices I will need to go through each product individually to change the information.


Is there a way I can add the square meter price to the product card within the collection and also have it displayed withing the product card itself?

Is it also possible to amend just the square meter price through the spreadsheet (currently not on the spreadsheet) which would automatically change the box price depending on the box size?


I hope all the above makes sense and any help with this would be greatly received.


Many thanks

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