Help! Which theme is best for me?

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Hi All,


I'm hoping someone with some Shopify experience might be able to recommend the best paid theme for me needs. I'm in the process of starting a store that will sell a large catalogue of wall art/decor spread over several different collections. The two themes that I'd seen that most appealed were 'Motion' by Shopify and 'Turbo' by Out of the Sandbox.


I liked Motion's large autoplaying video on the homepage (I have a videography background so can make use of this) but have heard that many browsers are now blocking autoplaying videos and mobile users prefer still images. I also like the clean layout of these stores and some of the animations etc. built into the template. 


Conversely I had heard that Turbo was unparalleled in terms of it's speed and customisability so would probably be more suitable for a large catalogue and hosting video files etc.? I'm also planning to have some custom coding done on the site to setup features like a personalised city map poster creator for example and had heard that Turbo was well setup to cater for this type of thing. 


I'm hoping that someone in here has worked with one or both of these themes before and might be able to help advise me or highlight any other points which I've failed to pick up on above. 


Any help would be much appreciated.







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Hi @Ballistical,

You should use the Turbo theme in terms of speed and features. I have worked with the Turbo theme. It's a great theme with tons of customization options. For turbo:



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Hi  Ballistical,


Just wondering what theme you have chosen eventually and why?


Thanks for letting me know!