Help with implementing pre-order function

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Hi all!
I am trying to implement a pre-order function for certain products on my shopify site. I have attempted to follow this guide (the sections version) but it seems my theme is set up slightly differently. Parts of the guide are asking me to replace parts of the liquid code which aren't in my theme.

I've used this guide without problems on other themes without any problems.
My theme is 'Handy' by Pixel Union

Has anyone come across this before and knows what I should be looking for?

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Hello, Wondering if you were able to figure this out as I'm having the same problem with the modular theme. Thanks!

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I am having the same problem, with Handy theme, did you solve it?

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For anyone else trying to fix this here is the solution:

Instead of creating a new template for the preorder page, just go to Products -> Select the product and scroll down where it says tags (should be on the right side under collection) then add the following tag: _preorder

This should work for people using the Modular theme.