Help with placing image in center of page?

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My site is, i tried to include a screenshot but wasn't able to.


I am looking for code i can copy paste to my editor, I have an issue on my homepage of my site as well as product page. I have image with text on both pages and the images show up side by side on desktop (horizontally). I want to have the image aligned in the center of the page, directly above the text and button.


For the homepage: I would be fine removing the "shop our products" text and "shop now" button, I did try this but the image is still showing on the left side of page on desktop. 


Product page is similar with the images showing side by side on desktop. Would like them to be on top of each other. If you look at the buttons on my product page, there are only four but I have 5 options. If you have any suggestions to add 1 more button that would be GREAT. 😊


Please leave in comments code I can copy paste. I have fiddled with this for quite awhile with no change.

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Hi @blindsent 

Can you also send me a screenshot? What changes do you need to make according to the points?

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