Help with Shopify Upsell page? (Buttons, music players?)

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I'm trying to copy this upsell page made in Shopify:

I'm still quite new with everything, but I'm guessing this can be done by customizing a new store page?


What apps would I need to make the "Yes get this offer" and "No thanks" buttons on top of the page?:


Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 12.25.26.png


What app is used for the song previews? They look really simple compared to the ones I've found.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 12.26.11.png


Thank you for all the help in advance!


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I don't know about the song previews, but the "Yes, get this offer" and "No, thanks" buttons on top of the page can be created using a popup builder.


It is actually called a floating bar popup, and you can use a tool like Popupsmart. It has a Shopify app, so you can easily find it on the Shopify Store and integrate it with your store. There is a forever-free plan and free templates so you can see if it works the way you want it to.

I'm adding an image of how it looks on my website. (I also added a countdown timer for max impact) floating-popup.pngHope it helps!


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Thank you so much! Gonna try this one for the buttons asap! 

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