Hi, I want wider main slider for my website

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Hi, I want wider main slider for my website. I`m using Supply theme. My main slider is too small and I want wider. How can I do it ? I saw some answers on previous chats, but it didn`t work on my page. 

Thank you in advance

URL: www.tilesandsmiles.co.uk

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There are two major issues in this case:

1. Supply adds right/left margins to all sections, unfortunately there is not an easy way to achieve what you want.

You would need to remove all the margins from the whole website (the "wrapper" class), and then add individually to each class and section. This is how most themes work though, Supply is an exception. 

2. Even by removing the margins, the slider has a specific height, which will prevent it from going from edge to edge.

Here's an example of the code making all elements going from edge to edge and the slider still being centered:


Therefore, the best alternatives are:

- get a different theme with a slider built-in
- use a free theme and add a Slideshow section that allows you to go full width (like this). 
- hire a dev to thoroughly customize your current theme's slider

I hope this helps. 

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