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Screenshot_1.pngCollection titles seem to be pulling in dynamically and we're hoping to either have this removed or increase the opacity so that they're not visible. The collection images contain the title, so there are some redundancies


Shopify 3-party theme response: "Regarding the collection title, it is not natively possible to remove it from the section, and a developer is also required to make this change for you. I have however added your request to our list of feature requests, so we may consider it in a future upgrade of the theme if this gets popular."


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Hi @zakuntsart 


Can you give me your page URL (with pass if your store password is enabled), so I can check it and maybe give you a solution? 


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Hi @zakuntsart ,

This is Victor from PageFly - Landing page builder, I’d like to suggest this idea:

Step 1. Go to Online Store -> Theme -> Edit code
Step 2. Open your theme.liquid theme file
Step 3. Paste below code before </body> :

.collection-card__content.prose {
    display: none;

Hope my answer will help you.

Best regards,

Victor | PageFly

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