Hide invalid filter options using metafields

Hide invalid filter options using metafields

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We are a large catalogue store (2.600+ SKU's) so we are using a lot of product filters based on metafields. Naturally we have a lot of filter combinations.


In order to help customers more easily navigate I would like to know if there is a possibility to hide 'invalid' filter combinations?


For example: in filter A (product type) the customer selects T-shirt, then in filter B (size) it only shows the sizes available for that product type (only S, M and L, and no XL).


Thanks a lot.

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Hi, if you're looking for a theme that has been design specifically for stores with large complex filtering requirements, you should checkout https://rankhighertheme.com/ - it's the only theme in the world with fully optimizable, non-conflicting SEO product filters:


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