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Hi, how can i make it so a certain product is hidden from the search bar without archiving it? The reason I want this , is because I have a fake product that i've made just for myself, that includes all the tags I use for my website to filter items, and I have an app called "cloudsearch" that allows me to have "filter by" menus on my website , and is customizable , and the tags won't save on the app, if the product is archived. So the product is titled "  TAG FILTER ( DON'T DELETE!!!!! ) "  and it's only for me to see, but it shows on the search bar, and it looks unprofessional , i'd like it not to show while searching please and thankyou! 

Screenshot of the search bar - https://gyazo.com/30a8d3bc3eca51297e6f08780d1c3da7   

Screenshot of when you go to the fake product - https://gyazo.com/352ec69567c0e6e9d998cd417097c37a

Screenshot of the fake product (behind the scenes) - https://gyazo.com/2a4031642612e523f8f830df47f3f3d9    https://gyazo.com/b5fb96ac8ac3ddbb940f55ef33c17d33   There are more tags, it's just to show you a broad example of what I mean

This isn't supposed to popup on the website, so I didn't put it in a collection , but it shows on the search bar if you type any of the letters  included in " TAG FILTER ( DON'T DELETE!!!!! ) "


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Hi New2U,

You can use certain metafields to hide the product from search.

Currently Shopify doesn’t have an official way to edit metafields for products, you would have to download third party apps to be able to edit metafields. I recommend using Metafields Custom Field Master app to edit metafields. (It has a free plan that is good enough)

After installing the app, open the app and select "Product", then select the fake product you want to hide.

Fill in the metafields as follows :

Namespace: seo

Key: hidden

Type: Integer

Integer: 1

Then click “Save”, your fake product should now disappear from the search menu.

You might also want to remove the fake product from the catalog page if you haven't already, you can follow my guide here on how to do it.

Hope this helps!



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