Hide out of stock products from collection pages with a 7 day delay

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I sell vintage so I only have one of each product, these products sell quickly so many of my listings quickly become out of stock. I don't want to make these inactive from my online store because I don't want it to mess with the SEO (deleted and 404 pages are not good for SEO). But I don't want to clutter my collection pages with out of stock products for a long time. From now, I want products that are sold to be removed from all online collections 1 week after they sell. 


Right now my collections all have to be set to the condition "inventory over 0" but I don't want items to be immediately removed.. this causes confusion when I advertise new drops but an item has sold.


I can't find an app that will remove all current out of stock products from collections & then set the condition that they will be removed with a 7 day delay from now on


I understand I can do this with Workflow but with workflow it will only do this when changes are made from when the workflow was created.. it wont adjust current products that don't match the newly set parameters

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