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I am using the sense theme and looking for a way to hide unavailable variants.


On my website, I have a product that has 2 (material) options with different colour variants. If a person clicks on a variant pill for the first option, many things on the 2nd option isn't available to it. But the user can still select the unavailable option. For a very specific example of what I am referring to, here is the product page: https://issamiracle.com/products/satin-lined-loorag


As you can see, there are some colour variants that are only available for the velvet option, so if someone selected the classic option, the color variant pills still show  even though its unavailable.


Is there a way to make the unavailable option invisible and hide if unavailable. Im not referring to sold out, as sold out is fine for it to show. Just when the option/variants don't realistically exist together which causes it to show as unavailable.


Hoping someone can help!!! Appreciate it

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hi @Melinda5 

We've launched an app to hide sold out and unavailable variants to solve this common problem
Please note that our app will hide both sold-out and unavailable variants.

HiVar : Hide Sold Out Variants


currently it supports all Online Store 2.0 themes like Sense theme
App is free for single-option free themes and paid if you have 2-3 options
Check it out and feel free to reach out to customer support if you have any queries