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Hi All,


We would like to in product pages hide the product variants which have a certain condition for specific customer group, or at least restrict that group of customers to purchase them.


We have installed an app which can automatically update the value of variants' metafields with "France Warehouse" and "Hong Kong" base on the stock level. We would like to restrict customers with the tag "wholesaler" that they can only add those variants with a metafield value contains "France Warehouse" (with or without "Hong Kong") to cart.


It seems that none of the third-party app can do so. Any recommendation? Thank you very much. 

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Hi @Woody_JEKCA ,

This is BSS Commerce - Full-service eCommerce Agency. We'd love to suggest you this solution:

👉B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price 

Hope our app can resolve your issue @Woody_JEKCA !

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