Hide Variants in Expanse Theme (Archetype)

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Hello I would like to hide color variants when they are sold out. I'm using the Expanse Theme from Archetype. Can anybody help?

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Hey @Christian_XT500 

I hope you are well and safe!!

Please share the website link.



Pooja Devi
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Hello @Christian_XT500 


By default no Shopify themes offers to remove the soldout variants from the dropdown or swatches.

This needs to be hardcoded according to the theme used. So I would suggest you to hire a developer to help you at a reasonable rate.


Let me know if you need one.



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Hi @Christian_XT500 

We've launched an app to hide sold out variants to solve this common problem

HiVar : Hide Sold Out Variants


currently it supports all Online Store 2.0 themes like Expanse Theme (Archetype)
App is free for single-option free themes and paid if you have 2-3 options
Check it out and feel free to reach out to customer support if you have any queries