Hiding price for some products not all

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Hi, I have used some code given to me by somebody to hide the price and "tax included" on each product page, this is because I'm using a size price calculator to display the price of the made to measure wooden gates on my site.
Although some products like Ironmongery need to have the price displayed as normal, Can somebody help on how to do this. A link to my site is below and password is "Chameleon"

So all gates (double gates, single gates etc) need the price and tax hidden, but for gate posts and ironmongery I would like the price to show as normal

Thanks in advance.

https://512f21.myshopify.com/ Psswd: Chameleon


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You need to have some way to identify products where prices should be shown or hidden. It should be possible to distinguish them by vendor, tag, or collection. So, for example, the price can be visible for all products where the vendor is "X." Then you can create a condition in your theme file where you added your code. Something like if vendor == X, then show; otherwise, don't show. 
Maybe if you can share your code, it will be easier to help. 

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Hi @CraigReep,

To conceal the price of specific products, consider creating a new Product Template within your theme. Within this template, simply hide the Price section. Subsequently, apply this template to the products for which you wish to hide the price. For example:






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