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Hi, I am trying to hide certain products from the search function on my website. I have added a tag on all of these items, '_HIDDEN_PRODUCT', and am trying to edit the search.json file to not include product with this tag.

I have tried changing the if statement to {%- if result.object_type == 'product' && result.tags !contains '_HIDDEN_PRODUCT' -%}, which doesn't seem to work.

I have also tried other solutions such as surrounding it in if statements:

{%- if result.tags contains '_HIDDEN_PRODUCT' %-}

  {%- assign display = false %-}

{%- endif %-}

{%- if display == true %-}


and I have also tried the same implementation but iterating through the tags


{%- for tag in result.tags %-}

  {%- if tag contains '_HIDDEN_PRODUCT' %-}




Can anyone offer any advice on this? It would be much appreciated



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Please use unless logically simple so you shouldn't have issues due to logic

{% if item.object_type == 'product' %}
{% assign product = item %}
{% unless product.tags contains '_HIDDEN_PRODUCT' %}
{% include 'product-grid-item' %}
{% endunless %}
{% else %}
// Usual code 
{% endif %}
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I'm having a similar issue, just wondering where would you place this code? I'm using the Venture template.

Thank you!

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I've developed this app that does the job without modifying your theme code: https://apps.shopify.com/hide-from-search - check it out.

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