Hiding the sold out variants on Flex theme

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Hi Everyone,


I have a question regarding hiding the sold out variants in our product on flex theme. 

We are using the theme Flex. We want to know how to remove the out-of-stock (sold out) variants and also have the option to decide which one to hide and which one to keep.
Some variants that I want to remove are not set as individual items but are instead grouped under one product with several variants. I obviously don't want to draft (hide) or delete the entire product.


I've tried to add custom liquid, but I can't seem to find the 'Add section' option for some reason. It only shows 'add block.' I also attempted to edit the code, but I'm not familiar with the structure of the page.


We would be appreciated if anyone knows how to fix this!


Many thanks!

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Hi @Maggie101 
We've launched an app to hide sold out variants to solve this common problem

HiVar : Hide Sold Out Variants


currently it supports all Online Store 2.0 themes like Flex 
App is free for single-option free themes and paid if you have 2-3 options
Check it out and feel free to reach out to customer support if you have any queries