Hiding variant thumbnails on the product page | Motion Theme

Hiding variant thumbnails on the product page | Motion Theme

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Dear Shopify community,


I have an issue with Thumbnails display on my product page : I have few products, but lots of variants, and I don’t find it user friendly to have 100 variant thumbnails on the product page…


Is it possible to hide the variants thumbnails (or to limit the number of thumbnails shown, so only featured images thumbnails are displayed) ?


Of course, I would like the variant image to appear when the visitor clicks on the variant swatch / selector, but I don’t want the thumbails to be shown…


I use a specific application : NS Image Swatch Variant Option

And I use MOTION Theme.


Can anyone help me ?


I attached screenshots to show what my product page looks like now.







Thanks a lot for your help !

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Hey @Ptit_Peloo 


You may try this code and if this doesn't works then share your store url and password if enabled.


Follow these Steps:

1) Go to Online Store
2) Edit Code
3) Find theme.liquid file

4) Add the following code in the bottom of the file above </body> tag

.product__thumbs--below {
    display: none !important;


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Thank you Moeed.

Unfortunatly it hides all the thumbnails. I need the featured product images to be displayed. Only the variants thumbnails should be hidden...

Here is the url and the password :


password : nifuld


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Thank you for your help.

Here is the url and the password :


password : nifuld

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Hi @Ptit_Peloo,

You want the feature: hide other variants’ media after selecting a variant? Will it be the same as at Dawn theme?


This will require a lot of changes, including changes to the Liquid code, CSS, and JS.

Therefore, it will be difficult for someone to guide you in detail, I recommend you hire an expert for this feature. Or I'm here to be able to check and add it for you.

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