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I'm a bit lost on this. I've updated one of the logos on my website, I've changed it everywhere I can see, and think of, but when I paste a link to my site, the image displayed in the preview is the old image. It only does this on my home page. Every other page has the new logo.

What I've done:

I've updated the social media image under my theme preferences

under theme customize(Dawn theme) I've put my new logo under the logo and favicon image.

Under Shopify Settings Brand there is no image/logo of the old image.

I've even go into Content Files and found the old logo and replaced it with the new one.

Yet still the old logo shows up when sharing my home page.


The one that has the M looking logo with the T and the C below it in a white background is the old one.

How do I fix this?

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Hi @trucranems,


I hope you managed to find a solution and that the correct logo shows up now! I don't know where you shared the links, but in many cases, it takes some time for social media to fetch the new preview images.


However, if you would like to have under control how the preview images look like and to personalize them, you may see a value in our recently launched SocialSeal app.


With SocialSeal, you can configure one template for your preview images and easily tailor it to suit your brand's style – adjust fonts, font size, colors, and even upload your logo to create professional preview images. It takes you a few minutes to set it up and the template is used for your products, posts, and more. 


Hope this helps!

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So your "solution" is to get an app that requires a paid membership? That's not helpful.