How can do I switch the add to cart/ buy now button to APPLY NOW

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Hi! I am new to Shoptify and I'm struggling with changing my product page flow. 


My store is to have people apply for paid projects which is not sold. People will have to fill out a form and answer questions before I can send them a formal application to apply for a paid market research project.


So far I have been able to adjust most o the site but  I don't know how to change the prouct page to just be apply now rather than purchase/buy/ add to cart.

I also have to remove the cart.


I would appreciate help. Thank you



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You can try this code by following these steps:
Step 1: Go to the online store ->Theme ->Customize.
Step 2: Find the buy bottons block on the product template.



Select the checkbox





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Perfect Response! I for sure would appreciate a detailed response

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I would please appreciate a more detailed instructions