How can I access the market metafields in Shopify?

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Hi Guys


not really a question but it may be useful for those looking for this solution - was looking for the answer to this for weeks!


You can access the relatively new markets metafield using the in liquid


The results are beautiful of course with 1000s of use cases. For us it allowed us to set a free shipping threshold message on a per market basis in the cart

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Hi @DavidWigginsAve , 

Thank you for sharing so important information with the community!!

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Thank you 😊 It was bugging me for weeks about working out feasible use cases for the market.metafield without much documentation out there provided by Shopify 


like I said the use cases are limitless. For me personally it has solved my problem in being able to communicate free shipping messaging accurately and effectively across my site

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Hi David, 

I was just about to post a question about this subject so thought I'd ask you first.


My use case for this is to have a custom message for each Market, so that users can see that we ship certain versions of our product to various Markets.


I've setup the custom object and then assigned the unique message to each of my Markets.  

The only thing I can't do is reference that object as a dynamic source in any parts of my 2.0 theme...


If I try to add this to a header, product page, footer etc - nowhere does it let me pull in that data source.

Can I ask how you did that please?

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Same problem here

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Same as well. This is such a pity, Market metafields are really useless if you can't use them in theme 2.0 ...

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It's work, thank you so much. How do you know it. Is there any document relate to it. Because when I read in metafield document, it's just shown below without

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 12.14.58 PM.png

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When i try to create a market-metafield, i only got this useless error-message  😞

Um diese Definition zu speichern, muss 1 Änderung vorgenommen werden:

Beim Versuch, eine Metafeld-Definition zu erstellen, ist ein unbekannter Fehler aufgetreten


Does anyone know, what i do wrong here? I am not adding this field as admin, but i was able to create other metafields for products and categories with my account. Could the problem be, that only admins can edit markets, and though only admins could add market-metafields? 

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thank you very much for taking the time to post this info. it helps me a lot

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