How can I add a background color to a small section on my mobile product page?

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Hi Community,

i would like to add a background color just to the section of the payment icons on my product page of the mobile version (

Do you have an idea how to?



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Hi @Katharina_be


You can check these steps to see : From your Shopify admin dashboard
Go to Online stores > Themes 
Click on Actions > Edit code
From the code editor, search for the base.css file (It should be on the assets folder)
Paste this code at the bottom of the file

.badge {
background-color: green !important;
border-color: green !important;


Or you can check this video guide 


I hope this helps.


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hi @Katharina_be 


You can try this code

1. Go to Online Store-> Theme->Edit code
2. Asset-> theme.css ->paste the below code at the bottom of the file.


ul.inline-list.payment-icons {
    background: #FFD814;


plz change the hexadecimal color value to your choice.

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