How can I add a popup for extra pizza toppings and charges on the same page?

How can I add a popup for extra pizza toppings and charges on the same page?

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Is there any way to add a popup that displays when customer click a button which will allow them to; pick extra toppings for extra charge, add order notes and add to cart all on same popup. We have a pizza menu and we want customers to be able to stay on the same page and pick their selections without having to visit the product page. We tried some apps but all of them either have a dropdown which limits them to 1 topping or an ugly selection list.

Our reference is grub hubs ordering, when you click a button under the item the popup displays.

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Hi @ArtsLiquor 




You need a mix and match product where you will have option to choose product which will not mandatory, you will also have the setting of wheather you want to charge or not.




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Hi @ArtsLiquor,

The Easify Product Options app is an excellent solution for your needs. It not only enhances your ability to tailor product options, such as toppings and order notes, but also offers a convenient feature to showcase these options on the Quick View section of your Collection page, streamlining the customer experience 🤗.

It's important to ensure that your website's chosen theme supports the Quick View feature, for example, Refresh.

Below is a quick demo:

  • On the collection page:


  • On the Quick view popup:



  • In-app settings:

Create the Topping options using the Checkbox option type:



Create the Special instructions field using the Text Area option type:



Add the option set to your relevant product(s):



Finally, enable the feature "Show option widget on Quick view":


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