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How can I add a "resend activation link" button to the login page shopify

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My Shopify store is an internal store for my company, therefore the store "customers" are our employees. Customers get an account created for them and they can't create their own. I have been having issues with the activation links, so I want to add an option for them to be able to request a new link by themselves on the login page. I want to add a "Re-send Activation Email" Link under the "Forgot Password?" link on the page. But I can't figure out how to add the option. I want to change the "forgot password" link to "Reset or Activate your account" to prompt them to the reset form where it would ask them for their email and if the email has an active (enabled) account to send a reset link to their email, if their account is in an "invited" status to send an activation link to their email and if the email doesn't exist to let them know to contact leadership.

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