How can I add a second announcement to my theme with code?

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hello. Long story. hired a designer from Fiverr. he sold me an old outdated unlicenced theme. He was fired and removed from Fiverr. i was refunded. However, Shopify cant help me change anything due to the unlicenced thing. I intend on having someone redo the shop, but I am a little gun shy about that as you can imagine.


It does not offer me the option to add a second message in my announcements. this is what i see. No option to add more? Does anyone know how to help me to add one? Thanks in advance in losing my mind.



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Hi @shelbyra ,


The thing you are seeing in the header is the builtin announcement bar. It looks like the section is hardcoded on the theme. You should create a custom section to make multiple announcement bar. 


I have done this on one of my store. Do review it and let me know if this is something you are looking for.

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You've had a bad experience, but I hope this turns into a good one. If the software isn't licensed, the structure you mentioned can be achieved through manual coding. Will the information bar you want be at the top or just below the existing structure? Also, if you provide the link and exactly what needs to be written, I can assist you!


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Hey Terence! Thanks very much. It's been a hard start. He's now currently trying to blackmail and exort me for the money, so that doesn't help. Lovely.


That sounds like what I need. Thank you. I'd like to add 4 more announcements that cycle on the same line as the current one with the shippping announcement. 

1. Free Returns

2. Dresses You Need This Season - link to Dress Collection (if possible)

3. Sign Up For Our Emails and Receive 25% Off Your First Purchase

4. Bali Daydream The Collection..... Launching Soon


I also cannot seem to add another slide to my main banner (slideshow) without 2 things happening

1. Not showing correctly on mobile. You can see the button text I added, but the image is just white.

2. The image shows up on desktop, but it isn't as big as the existing image in the sideshow. When it cycles from image to image it goes bigger to smaller, not a good look. 


I want to add 2 more images to the main banner sideshow. One to advertise my newest collection launching soon, and another image about swimwear. If you plug some magic into the back end, will it sort out the mobile and image size problems? I obviously need to regularly use this area to announce sales, collections etc etc.... ideally the settings would be rock solid so I can just go in and add and remove slides.


Sorry for being a pain but I just have no idea how to go forward with my business without help. 


My website is


Thank you so much