how can I add h1 tags to my theme

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How can I add h1 tags to my theme ?  My seo checker says " If your page does not contain an h1 tag, your theme files need to be updated. We suggest contacting your theme developer for assistance. "

Thanks for help


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Hi Goktug!

Seán here from Shopify :)

You'll be able to add h1 tags to your theme's code by heading to Online Store / Themes, and selecting Edit HTML/CSS from the ellipses [ … ] menu. From here, you can open up the theme files and add the tags in the different liquid files.

You can also add in h1 tags onto individual webpages, product pages, and blog posts by using the rich text editor and setting the headings from here :)

Hope this helps!

All the best,

Shopify Support Guru

Seán | Shopify 
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Where do I find?  Edit HTML/CSS from the ellipses [ … ] menu?  Is it in Assets/theme.scss.liquid ?


How can I write a H1 tag and insert it my theme?



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I am having the same problem I cannot find the Edit HTML/CSS to make changes to it. I need H1 tags on collection pages in the Parallax 2.1 theme on shopify. Is there any tutorial for this?


@claudiabbb1 wrote:


Where do I find?  Edit HTML/CSS from the ellipses [ … ] menu?  Is it in Assets/theme.scss.liquid ?


How can I write a H1 tag and insert it my theme?




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Does anybody know how to add h1 tags to the home page? This seems like a dead board because no one seems to be getting an answer.

There is no Edit HTML/CSS anywhere, so anybody else have any other suggestions?

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hello Dear,


Ours problems, and  i read a lots of articles is that in a lots of theme the H1 is empty, all the time a Shopify support tell how to add but never how to modify.


i am using a motion then that is payant them from shopify team and is 3 days that i try to know where to modify h1 in my them not to add be cause if we add a new one goole spider/ robot , dont like.


Thank you for your answer.

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Try adding a custom content > custom html in your customization editor.


<center><h1>Your Title</h1></center>


Good luck! 


h1 title in custom html fieldh1 title in custom html field

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We would need more information on where exactly the tag needs to be added, and also what theme you have. In any case, you should be able to add it by going to Online Store > Themes, then clicking Actions > Edit Code, then finding the correct file and placing the tag. This will require you to have a basic understanding of HTML and be aware of the implications of editing code.

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I also had a problem with my home page not showing any <h1> tags. I'm using the Empire Theme and I couldn't find any help on this. However, since I really needed that tag on my homepage, I added a rich text section on the homepage via theme editor, only to realize its still a <h2> tag. I went into Themes-Edit code-Sections and selected dynamic-rich-text.liquid and changed the <h2> and </h2> tags to <h1> and </h1> respectively. That changes the rich text heading I inserted earlier from h2 to h1 in my homepage. Hope this helps.

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hi sean

could you elaborate?

As a shopowner I would like to provide an H1 to the homepage. The SEO-tool says, H1 is missing on the homepage.

many thanks