How can I add hollow bullet points in Dawn 10.0.0 product descriptions?

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I would like to add hollow bullet points to some of the paragraphs in my product description, but couldn't manage to find out how. The way I did this was - click 'bulleted list' button first to add a bullet point to that paragraph, and then click 'indent' button, which would automatically change the bullet point to hollow. Now this method doesn't work. Bullet point can still be added, but hollow one can't be.


Below a screenshot of one of my product descriptions I drafted when the method was still working. This is the effect I want - hollow bulleted paragraphs are detailed description for the bullet paragraph above. 


Screen Shot 2024-04-29 at 12.56.38.png


Any advice would be much appreciated.



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I am San from MS Web Designer.


Please share the URL of the store.


Do let me know if you have any concerns.





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