How can I add tags to products in bulk editor easily

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I have to add tags to certain collections in our shopify store. We have around 3400 SKU's so there is a lot of work. What is the best way to go about this in bulk editor? I'd rather not do an export and then add tags in excel and import.

Any advice would be appreciated

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Hopefully, your products are tagged with the collection name. If not, that would be my first step. This is not in bulk editor, this is using the Products page. Search using the "tagged with" drop-down to filter your products (or type/vendor/whatever you use to organize your stuff) > check all products using the box on the left side > ... menu on the right > add tags > choose/search the tag you want to add > save.


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Hi @mike_denuf ,
Feeds Bridge app has Catalog Enrichment feature which allows you to define catalog template by product type and tag products using that template in bulk.
Example: You have products of type "Ring" on Feeds Bridge you can define attribute lets say "Style" under product type "Rings" which has 2 possible values ("Clasic" and "Modern") in that case you will have ability to update your Rings with one of those values in bulk and product tags as following "Style_Classic", "Style_Modern" will be created under each of your product which were updated by Feeds Bridge.

This feature was implemented to help users define products filters on their store, so each time you have new products and those falls under one of template rules, you will see which items are missing required tag.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Simonas Skrodenis
Developer of Feeds Bridge - Catalog Management System