How can I align content to the right and remove checkboxes in Dawn theme?

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I'd like to align my content to the right and remove checkboxes, is this possible?
I can't seam to find the right css code to text-align: right; nor remove the space inbetween each filter... 


Cheers in advance! 


Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 16.45.16.png

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Hi @larsvilhelmsson ,

May I suggest to update code these steps:

1. Go to Store Online-> theme -> edit code
2. Assets/component-facets.css
3. Add code below to end of file

body .facet-checkbox > svg {
    display: none;
body .facets__item {
    margin: 0;
body .facets-vertical .facets__summary {
    padding: 0;

body .facet-checkbox {
    padding: 0.5rem 0;
    justify-content: flex-end;
body .facets-wrap-vertical {
    padding: 0;
body .facets-vertical .active-facets-vertical-filter {
    justify-content: flex-end;



Hope can help

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