How can I allocate a single product image (explanatory diagram) to multiple products?

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So, just wondering if anyone knows how to do this as I've tried a few different ways in Bulk Edit, within the Files folder and on the Product detail page.  I have a single diagram image which is relevant to multiple products. When I upload it to each product separately, Shopify doesn't give me an option to choose from my library, only to upload it again, or paste in a URL. Uploading and pasting a URL (to an existing product containing the file) only adds it to my file library again. Thus I end up with 100 copies of the same image in my library!  Any ideas?  Many thanks!

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Hi @Hum_Flowerpots ,


there are two ways to this.


1. Shopify provide option to pick image using URL.

2. You can custom code in theme on tag base which will add your desired image from metaobject and show that image in product.



hope this will help…

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