How can I allow for a gift message to be longer?

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I use Refresh theme. I wanted to allow for more characters for a gift card message, I updated the code to 2000.

Edit Code-> gift.card.receipt.form.liquid -> line 153

But when adding a message on the product that meets that it is still throwing me an error of the max being 200. Is there a part I missed?

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Hi @Emma53 👋

What you updated is how long the theme should show the message on the live page.

However, it does not change the limitation of the message. 

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Is there anyway to to change the limitation?

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Hi @Emma53,

Apologies for any confusion earlier. Given that your product is a gift card, and not a regular item, incorporating custom fields requires the use of specialized gift card apps. I recommend trying out the Vify Gift Cards app. In my testing, I observed that its text area field surpasses the character limitations of your current field. This should address the issues you encountered.

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