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How can I apply a crossed price to all products simultaneously?

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How can i have crossed price ? (on all products at the same time if possible, i apply -20% on all for example)



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Hi @jeycherries 

Because in Shopify admin, there is no feature to discount products by %, if you're running a B2B store we suggest you use the B2B/Wholesale Solution app.


- Here you can use the Custom Pricing(CP) module

+ Images when using the module in the app:

view - 2023-02-07T173938.268.png

+ Create a rule in the module to apply prices to specific products:

view - 2023-02-07T174308.052.png

+ With settings:

- Customer: All customers, Logged in, Not logged in, Specific customers, Customer tags

- Product: All Products, Specific Products, Product Collections, Product Tags

- Price: Apply a price to selected products, Decrease a fixed amount of the original prices of selected products, Decrease the original prices of selected products by a percentage (%)

+ Results displayed outside the storefront: All products are 20% off the original price

view - 2023-02-07T174514.870.png

I hope that you find it useful for your business.

If our suggestions are useful, please let us know by giving it a like, marking it as a solution, or donating here .

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