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How can I change a file name to Hebrew on Motion Theme?

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im trying to Color Swatches on Motion theme


so i need to upload a photo for example: Blue.png


but i need hebrew language, so when im trying to upload כחול.png (blue.prg)


its renaming to this:



How can i change this file name to hebrew?



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Hi @Dogstime


You can change the filename on your images in steps:

-Go on Settings > Files section can be accessed. You can view every photograph you've uploaded here and delete them all at once.



There are two ways to modify the names of the files:


1. One approach is to export the list of photographs as a CSV, modify the names, and then reupload.

2. The Shopify app store has a ton of tools that can automatically rename your picture files and improve your SEO. These applications can be found at

I hope that answers your question. Enjoy your day!

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Hi Avada,


I think the Shopify interface changed a bit. I believe the Files section is now located in the main left menu. But my question is, how can I export? I don't see that option.


What do I want to achieve?

When I started the webshop I made the mistake of using underscores in my file names. I want to fix that by changing the underscores to a hyphen. I was hoping that I could export the filenames to CSV, make the changes and import again. I am happy with my filenames, so I don't want to use an app that composes filenames. Basically I want to do a good old "search and replace". Can you help me? Thx.

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Hi @Dogstime 


You can also try the InfiniteSync app that mirrors your products' images to Google Drive. Then in Google Drive, you can rename the images. InfiniteSync will automatically update the file names in Shopify.

Imagine editing your product and variant images on your local drive in realtime.
Checkout InfiniteSync Image Upload / Export and sync with you local or online drive

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