How can I change the color of the collection title background?

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I want to change few colors on my store. 


1. collection title background and title color. 



2. Collection title color on collection grid. 

After I chagne the background color of collection page as a black, the product title and price are not visible.. 


Can anyone advise me? I am using Dawn Theme.


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Hi @ljy7031 ,


Can you please send me a preview URL of the store so that I can help you out?


Thank you

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Hi @ljy7031 ,
You can refer to and use the following CSS codes:
Go to Online store -> your live theme -> Edit code

view - 2024-04-11T101449.233.png

add the following CSS code at the end of base.css file:

/* Collection Title Background color */
.pp-category-title-wrapper {
  background-color: /* css color */;

/* Collection Title color */
.pp-category-title a {
  background-color: /* css color */;

/* product price */
.pp-product-price {
  color: /* css color */;

/* product title */
.pp-product-title-wrapper a {
  color: /* css color */;

/* product description */
.pp-product-short-description {
  color: /* css color */;

view - 2024-04-11T101543.562.png 

Please replace the /* css color */ codes with the color code you want, you can search for them in the following link (ex: black is #000000):

Hope it helps @ljy7031 

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