How can I change the default 'no image' in Shopify?

How can I change the default 'no image' in Shopify?

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Hi Community, 


I'm trying to change the default no image from Shopify, but I'm not able to see the file in my assets folder. I also tried to inspect and I'm seeing this image on the collections page or when you do a search. Is there a way I can override this with a custom fallback image? 
Pass: 1234567812345678



Any one can help me here? 


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  1. Create your new default image in jpg format, and name it "default-image.jpg".
  2. Go to admin > Online Store > Themes > Edit Code.
  3. Go to the Assets folder, and find the existing default-image.jpg. Click the pencil icon to edit it, and change its filename to default-image-OLD.jpg.
  4. Within the Assets folder, click the "Add a new asset" link. Use the pop-up form to upload your new image.

That's it! Clear your browser cache, and you should now see your new placeholder image instead of the "No Image" default image that was previously displayed.


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Hi @dmwwebartisan , Thanks for your reply. 


I looked at this but in my assets folder, I cannot see the file. I tried searching but had no luck. Here is the file I get when I inspect it.  


Also im not able to see this no image file. Do you have any other approach? 


Thanks in advance. 

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Having same issue and I never see a follow up to several of these posts. Were you able to find a solution?