How can I change the font of only one section of text?

How can I change the font of only one section of text?

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I want to change just the heading of my page, but when I try to change it it changes everything else. How can I make it so that I can change just the heading? \


My website is

**Password Redacted** - Shay

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Hi there!

That is a great question, and can definitely be tricky if you aren't familiar with Shopify coding language (Liquid). I appreciate you sharing your store information and the password to view the store preview. To protect your store and it's privacy I have redacted your password. If you wish to share it again, I would recommend DMing it to anyone that wishes to further assist you!

**Please Note** Before making any changes to your theme code please ensure that you have created a duplicate backup of your theme file. If you aren't sure how you can review the steps in our Help Center: Duplicate Your Theme File. We recommend making a regular backup of your live theme.

While Shopify support isn't directly trained in coding, I can hopefully point you in the right direction to get started! I was able to find some other forum threads with similar topics and it looks like in order to make these changes you will need to edit your store's theme code under Assets > theme.css or theme.scss (whichever file your theme has). This should be pretty standard across all free Shopify themes, but could be different in third party themes.

Next, you need to know the name of the section you want to edit. While our theme developers and partners that help out in the forums can sometimes help you with this, you may be able to use your browsers inspect tool to find it as well:




When we inspect the business name in the header, we can see that the logo/title space is called: .site-header__logo-link. This should be standard across most free Shopify themes at this time.

I found this community post that I tested as well on my own store (Debut theme) with instructions to change just that section's font styling: Solved: BROOKLYN: Change Header Font Only - Shopify Community

To quote:

Add this line of code the bottom of the Assets > theme.scss/css file

.site-header__logo-link {
font-family: GT Walsheim Pro!important;

I also found this thread with some other suggestions on how to edit your font size, type and placement by editing the theme.scss file:

Solved: Debut Theme - Header - change font sizes of the menu items - Shopify Community

And lastly, I recommend reviewing our Developer Docs for all our Shopify created app and theme tutorials. You can most likely find the answer to a majority of your coding questions from there as well!

- Shay

Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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