How can I code logo images in my announcement bar with specific requirements?

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I need some help guys. I'm trying to have images (for future logos) on the top announcement bar, but have some requirements that I can't figure out with coding.


1) 3 Logo Images, In the same line, with about 20px of padding in between each image. I would also like 6px of padding on the top and bottom of each image.

2) All Images are clickable with links.

2.1) Link 1:

2.2) Link 2:

2.3) Link 3:

3) Logos are always black and white, greyscale, unless hovered over, then they transition to their full color image. (If you need 2 separate images for this, just use the same one for now and I can change the colors myself)







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The logo element should utilize an <a> tag. This can be a bit tricky. If you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to inform me!



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