How can I create a custom product box builder with a app?

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We currently are using a custom box builder product listing that was created by a developer and have recently have had trouble getting the variants to carry over in a order that are purchased through Shop and Recharge (our subscription app). Is there perhaps a app that works well with these other platforms?  We need the product to allow a customer to build a box of 4, 20 or 32 units with the selected 5 variant options? Each variant being a different price. 

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Hi @Skwheeler ,


I recommend trying Kickflip to create a product customizer. With an intuitive and elegant interface, customers can visualize endless product variants. Also, Kickflip offers Conditional Logic, which enables you to offer an efficient customization workflow based on your clients' choices. Although Kickflip isn't compatible with Shop and Recharge, the app is easy of use and will allow your customers to see a live preview of their personalization on your product

I encourage you to check out our Youtube channel to see our solution in action. You can even try it for free by creating your account here.


Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!

The Kickflip Team