How can I create a sub-collection in a collection list?

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hello everyone 


i want to create sub collection in collection like in the picture


# when i try to use collection-list it doesn't have option to display all the collections list in one row it only can go 6 in row

. and i also try to increase the number to be display in one row but after 6 it become disoriented 

 also in mobile view it will be in only two column 

i try to use swipe on mobile but that make the collection list big and only show 2 collection before swipe also the slider is under the collection list


if you have any method to make this suggest me but if we are going to use collection list try to fix this things  


so i want the collection list to be

.all same size and can be auto adjust the size depending how many collection is there  

. to have slider in desktop in left and right side 

. also in mobile to have 4 collection before swiping 

.also in mobile to remove the slider from under but have the swiping function 


i put picture below to show desirable outcome in desktop and mobile version 

using dawn 12.0.0 version 



my english is not that good sorry if i make it complicated

Thanks for your help in advance 




aaapp.PNG                 aapp.PNG

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