How can I create an 'All products' manual collection quickly?

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I'm searching for a way to create an "All products" Manual collection. Key word is Manual. 


And it is mandatory to be manual as I use it for Tax override purposes and for that - I cannot use automatically created ones.


I know how to create a manual collection by adding product by product, but I'm looking for an easier way to do this since I have >1000 products in the store and i don't want to click >1000 times to add all of them.


Any Shopify apps are welcomed as well!


Thank you very much


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Looking for the same answer!!

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I am exactly in the same situation. I have to create a manual collection to override the taxes. I have over 700 products. The current implementation forcing me to press 700 times select the product.

Suggestion for Shopify developers for override taxes
Suggestion a) The product bulk edit does not have the collection column section. If it had it, this task would be so easy to handle.

Suggestion b) Why it has to be a manual collection to override taxes. It could be just an automatic collection.

Suggestion c) There should be a setting where we can change the tax ratio setting, without putting products to any collection.